This award recognizes the percussion performance that achieved the highest tabulated score of the preliminary performances, regardless of division.  The award consists of a traveling trophy which is engraved with the group’s name and year, and is kept on the campus of their school to proudly display in recognition of their achievement.  The award also consists of a permanent trophy which will remain at their school.

This is our top award, based on a special person who had an enormous impact on the Lone Star Classic over many years.

As each of us proceeds on the journey of life, once or twice (if we are lucky) we cross paths with someone who exhibits all of the traits that we aspire to have.  If we are wise, we learn from him.

The Lone Star Classic has been extremely fortunate to have had such an individual within our family.  He took ideas and dreams for this competition and turned them into conceivable and achievable realities.  He took what was there and made it better. With vision, he put into action what others said could not be done, and helped make it happen by marshaling the potential within all of us with clear direction.

Because of his dedication to excellence, perseverance, humble leadership, unwavering integrity, and vision for what can be achieved amid overwhelming circumstances, in 2012, we named our top percussion performance award in his honor.

Roy Caldwell will always be synonymous with excellence, which is why the award given for the Best Percussion Performance at the Lone Star Classic is called “The Caldwell Cup.”

Dare to Dream, Dare to Achieve, Dare to be the Best.

2023 – Coppell Varsity High School

2022 – Coppell Varsity High School

2021 – Cedar Park High School

2020 – Cedar Park High School

2019 – Coppell High School

2018 – Highland Park High School

2017 – Cedar Park High School

2016 – Cedar Ridge High School

2015 – Vandegrift High School

2014 – John Horn High School

2013 – John Horn High School

2012 – LBJ High School

Roy Caldwell-fr
Roy Caldwell